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Albion Hull Treatment +1 Armor
+5 Hull Points
45GP A fine mix of practicality and extravagance, this hull treatment is the standard of the Albion Imperial Navy.
Warship Reinforcement -2 Combat Speed
+2 Armor
+10 Hull Points
-2 Travel Speed
-5 Maneuverability
80GP Additional support beams within the hold, coupled with iron bolts,
provide resilience against splintering and improves the integrity of the entire hull.
 The extra weight displaces more water, slightly limiting of the speed and maneuverability of the vessel.
Estalian Hull  +5 Hull points
+2 Travel Speed
90GP Support beams, crafted from the wood of several delemgans, allow for a lighter weight system which allows the ship to glide easier.
Improved Warship Reinforcement

+15 Hull points
-300 Cargo Space
-5 Maneuverability

160GP dditional support beams within the hold, coupled with durgan steel bolts, provide resilience against splintering and improves the integrity of the entire hull. The lessened weight of the durgan steel offsets the extra weight of the additional supports.
Merchant's Hold

+700 Cargo Stores
-15 Hull points

175GP Several interior beams and supports can be removed from the hold of a ship while allowing it to remain seaworthy. Although the design weakens the hull integrity slightly, it is favored among some merchants and explorers, allowing the ship to maximize the weight of the cargo it can carry.
The Red Dream

-5 Combat Speed

-10 Travel Speed

+40 Hull points

-10 Maneuverability

800 GP

    At the height of his power, the Grand Estalian emperor Matenici III commissioned his royal shipwrights to build him a vessel that could not be sunk. Try as they might, the greatest engineers, craftsmen, and artisans in the empire were unable to deliver on such a demand. As failures mounted, so thinned the emperor's patience. Eventually Matenici implemented a policy of executing those he deemed responsible for repeatedly failing to carry out his will, a crime he equated to high treason. Shipwrights began to refer to the cursed project as the "Red Dream of Mad Matenici." 
The decades-long venture ended with the emperor's untimely death by the hand of his chief minister. While ultimately unsuccessful, the project did yield substantial advances in the field of hull reinforcement. Contemporary shipbuilders call the construction method the "Red Dream" in acknowledgement of the blood shed by their forbearers. 

There are rumors of a pirate captain sailing a ship by the name of Red Dream within the skies of the Sphere as well. Whether this is true or merely another  story remains to be seen.

Boneframe Hull

+5 Combat speed
+10 Travel Speed
+10 Maneuverability

1200GP Reinforced with structural supports and bolts, both crafted of troll bone, these hulls are miraculously easy to repair. The lightweight bone allows for increases in speed and maneuverability.
Blackwood Hull 10 combat speed

15 hull health
+15% travel speed

  Blackwood trees are exceedingly rare. The corrupted trees are only found among the shadowy groves of the Wild Elves. It is said the enigmatic Wild Elven Raiders use blackwood in the construction of their terrifying longships. A blackwood hull, coupled with durgan steel reinforcements, is not only exceptionally light but nearly as hard as stone. There is no sturdier timber in the Sphere.







Linen Sails     The most common sail on the sea. The linen sail has been in use for generations the world over. Woven from flax, linen sails are sturdy but a bit heavy. Many captains prefer the reliability coupled with the steady supply of this sail.
Cottonweave Sails +1 Combat Speed

-12 Sail Health

+2 travel speed

+2 Maneuverability

25GP First invented by the Neolithians, the cottonweave sail is lighter than its linen counterpart. This makes it ideal for larger sails and relatively inexpensive to create
Vithrack Silk Sails +15 sail health 35GP Pure vithrack silk sails are a rarity, so many sails of this type are a master-crafted weave of cotton and vithrack silk. The adhesive nature of the silk aids crew members climbing in the rigging, allowing for faster jibing and tacking. The silk also increases the overall strength of the sail.
Trollstitch Sails

+25 sail health

+5 Travel Speed

+6 Maneuverability

70GP These linen sails are reinforced with braided troll hair fiber, increasing the overall strength. The extra weight makes it more difficult to jibe and tack, lowering the ship's maneuverability in combat. The regenerative properties of the troll hair add considerable durability to the canvas and riggings.
Estalian Sails 5 combat speed

5 sail health

+10 travel speed
+10 Maneuverability

140GP Before becoming privateers, the Valera family were proud sail-makers.  Valeran sails were known for using a strong, but light, combination of linen and cotton that did not sacrifice speed for durability.
Palm Sails +15 combat speed

-17 sail health

+20 travel speed

+30 Maneuverability

280GP These sails are made of flexible, lightweight palm leaves often used on Arakiran war canoes. They might not endure a beating from enemy fire, but they catch the wind with a mighty snap that promises to speed a boat away from danger. 
Ghoulskin Sails

-5 combat speed

+50 sail health

290GP These rare sails require the hides of dozens of ghouls, interwoven with etherslik before being painstakingly stitched together. It is said the sails tend to unexpectedly stir or twitch, even on a windless night. Whether truth or sailor's tale, these macabre sails are highly prized by infamous pirate captains. They have an uncanny ability to take a beating, as well as strike fear into the hearts of the sailors they are hunting.
Stormwind Sails

+10 combat speed

+15 travel speed

+5 Maneuverability

320GP These sails are rumored to be crafted by a secretive group of elven animancers out of Revua, in the Estalian Republics. The rumors hint at some process that requires primal wind, an enigmatic energy associated with storm blights. The technique for crafting these sails is a closely-guarded secret, but the sails themselves have become quite popular among smugglers and wealthy merchant captains.
Eatherweave Sails 5 combat speed

15 sail health

+5 travel speed

+4 Power Supply

500GP The archmage Minoletta first designed the mageweave sail as a gift to a former companion, Jhorius Mastermate. While expensive, the process has been replicated by several wizards and these prized sails have become popular within the elite of the Albion's Navy.
Dragonwing Sails +8 Combat Speed
+30 Sail Health
+20 Travel Speed
+10 Maneuverability
800GP Despite the name, these sails are usually crafted from the wings of large drakes. Exceedingly rare and equally costly, these sails are unmatched in durability.
The same principle is used if a client can supply rare real dragon wings. Something deserving of the legendary captains of the sky.


Ship Store

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